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Summer Salad

This summer salad is soooo yummy & really easy to make! It also has all those amazing summer fruits & veggies that you just can't get enough of!

I like to have a good mix between spinach & arugula. If you prefer one over the other feel free to substitute as you wish! You can do any kind of lettuce with this too, but I feel like the peppery arugula pairs well with the sweet corn & peaches.

Chop your greens on a cutting board before mixing in bowl. Make sure you don't chop them to much or they will become mushy & slimy. I try to chop them about 3-4 times before adding them to the bowl

Slicing radishes are very easy with just a simple cutting knife. For those feeling a little more ambitious, you can pull out a mandolin to get an perfectly even, thin slice.

Begin to layer salad. Start with greens then add radish, corn, peaches, & green onion in that order. To make your greens last longer & make sure the salad does not get soggy, you want to layer in the order above^

Sprinkle Pepper, Salt, & Smoked Paprika on top for an extra boost of flavor!

Serve as a great side dish or yummy main dish with your favorite protein!

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Summer Salad Recipe:

For a printable recipe, click HERE