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No-Hassle Salsa + Mango Salsa

Hey ya'll. Welcome to Foodventuring's official blog! Yay so exciting! I thought I would start out with some simple recipes, that are PERFECT for this time of year!! My No-Hassle Salsa & Mango Salsa are both quick, easy, and super yummy.

Tomatoes are one of my favorite ingredients to use during the summer because they are always so fresh & delicious (also major score if you're local farmer's market is selling them). I used our local vendor Uncle Don's to purchase the ruby red tomatoes & got lucky with some great family friends (Hey Stroud Family!!) who hand-picked the golden yellow tomatoes, both pictured below.

Mangoes are also a great summer time ingredient! They pair nicely with the tomato mixture to add a sweet twist to your typical salsa.

To make it easy, the only equipment needed for this recipe are a cutting board, good chopping knife, & food processor or blender (or you can chop very fine to get the same effect).

Tips before starting:

To start, tomatoes should be rinsed and dried. Then the tomatoes need to be roughly chopped. To get rid of excess liquid, shake tomatoes in colander for about 1 minute. For the mango recipe, the tomatoes should be finely diced which does not matter for the no-hassle recipe because they will be blended in the food processor or blender.

Sliced Tomatoes

To zest lime, I use the small side of a cheese grater. A microplane is also a great tool, but a cheese grater works well when you don't have the fancy tool on hand.

To peel the mango, I use a carrot peeler. It is a great way to get the skin off fast & effortlessly.

You can then dice the mango flesh easily.

To help prep the recipe, I also like to chop everything before starting. I divide the ingredients into individual bowls so they are easy to see, grab, & use when needed.

Mango Salsa

Add all produce ingredients into a large mixing bowl or your serving bowl if you don't want to get multiple dishes dirty!

Then add seasoning & lime juice to the mixture.

Finally, mix ingredients & taste to see how much salt/pepper you might still want to add.

Serve & Enjoy!

For a printable recipe, click HERE

No-Hassle Salsa

Pulse tomatoes a few times to break up larger pieces.

Then add remaining ingredients & process until texture is as smooth as you would like.

Add salt, pepper, & hot sauce according to taste.

(For best flavor, refrigerate in airtight container for at least 1 hour)

Serve & Enjoy!

For a printable recipe, click HERE