Marinated Broccoli

Need a super simple recipe for the 4th? This Broccoli Recipe is delicious & easy to make! Chop Broccoli into bite size pieces. (can also add stems if desired) Mix marinade mixture in XL plastic bag, before adding the Broccoli so it will combine easier. Then add Broccoli & give it a few good shakes! Let Marinate in Fridge for at least 3 hours (preferably overnight) Serve as an awesome side dish or a great appetizer!! Links to the other recipes below are located here: Summer Salad Garlic-Lime Dressing Watermelon Shrimp Ceviche Marinated Broccoli Recipe: For a printable recipe, click HERE

Garlic-Lime Dressing

This citrus vinaigrette pairs great with my Summer Salad, or any salad you're making! You could also use it as a marinade for poultry or fish. To make a dressing, it is super simple! All you need to do is combine all ingredients in an airtight jar and let sit for 2 hours in the Fridge to bring out all the yummy flavors. Serve with a yummy salad or use to marinate poultry or fish. I highly recommend it with my Summer Salad! Links to the other recipes below are located here: Marinated Broccoli Summer Salad Watermelon Shrimp Ceviche Garlic-Lime Dressing Recipe: For a printable recipe, click HERE

Summer Salad

This summer salad is soooo yummy & really easy to make! It also has all those amazing summer fruits & veggies that you just can't get enough of! I like to have a good mix between spinach & arugula. If you prefer one over the other feel free to substitute as you wish! You can do any kind of lettuce with this too, but I feel like the peppery arugula pairs well with the sweet corn & peaches. Chop your greens on a cutting board before mixing in bowl. Make sure you don't chop them to much or they will become mushy & slimy. I try to chop them about 3-4 times before adding them to the bowl Slicing radishes are very easy with just a simple cutting knife. For those feeling a little more ambitious, yo

Watermelon Shrimp Ceviche

Looking for the BEST appetizer to impress your friends with this summer? Look no farther! This recipe is not only delicious, but looks almost too pretty to eat . . . I said almost. If you buy shrimp still in the shell, make sure to de-shell them before boiling. I also like to de-vein the shrimp before eating which is a personal preference, but I definitely recommend! After boiling the shrimp, IMMEDIATELY place into an ice bath (just a container of ice water). This will insure the shrimp does not continue to cook after being taken out of the boiling water. Once the shrimp have cooled, transfer into the ceviche mixture (avocado, lime juice, orange concentrate, & red onion). Start your assembly

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